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DEBATE: Is Israel's War Against Hamas A Just War?

DEBATE: Is Israel's War Against Hamas A Just War?

Joseph (Jake) Klein & Briahna Joy Gray vs. Eli Lake & Michael Moynihan. Moderated by Konstantin Kisin.

On May 3rd, The Black Sheep's Joseph (Jake) Klein participated in a debate at Dissident Dialogues on the question "Is Israel's War Against Hamas A Just War?" Jake and his debate partner Briahna Joy Gray (Rising, Bad Faith Podcast) argued for the negative, while Eli Lake (Commentary Magazine, The Re-Education Podcast) and Michael Moynihan (The Fifth Column Podcast) argued for the affirmative. Konstantin Kisin (Triggernometry) moderated.

As mentioned in the podcast's introduction and during the debate, at the following link please find an updated analysis on the war's casualty count and civilian-to-combatant death ratio:

History Speaks
The Ratio of Civilian to Combatant Deaths in Gaza is Probably ≈3:1 or Worse.
Introduction This post attempts to estimate the ratio of civilians to combatants Israel has killed in Gaza. I aim to come up with a lower-bound estimate of the ratio. If my approach is successful, we will be able to say that the ratio is at least as large—that is to say, at least as bad—as I estimate it to be…
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Stay tuned to The Black Sheep for a longer point-by-point rebuttal to Eli Lake and Michael Moynihan's statements, coming soon.

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UPDATE 5/29/24: Dissident Dialogues has released the video version of the debate on their YouTube channel. Watch it below!

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