Some people can’t ignore the gnawing sense when something isn’t right. Dishonesty, manipulation, or unfairness keeps them awake at night. These people may have been labeled gifted underachievers, trouble-makers, sensitive souls, or class clowns. They refuse to fit the mold when it feels like a cage. When the herd demands we go along to get along, only these black sheep are willing to refuse. 

History is full of black sheep who chose to do what was right when the herd was wrong. Whether it’s in your culture, workplace, school, or personal relationships, everyone will face moments when they must choose between conforming to the group or standing alone for the truth.

In our era of collective dysfunction, black sheep keep destruction at bay by sounding the alarm, refusing to comply, and leading the herd toward greener pastures. These individuals are the catalysts for societal change. The Black Sheep publishes their perspectives to remind those who stand alone that they’re never truly alone. 

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Joseph (Jake) Klein is a writer, filmmaker, co-founder of The Black Sheep, and a Hazlitt Fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education. He is also the author of the upcoming book Redefining Racism. Follow him on Twitter @josephjakeklein.