The internet really is more a curse than a blessing. Because we have decided to detach from our own environment to enjoy the communication. I like communicating with you this way. But billions of people are in cyberspace and that means our surroundings are not as important. Cable, satellite TV, smartphones and the computers pull us away. It's as if our physical space is a distraction.

Our retinas pick up every pixel that shines on our faces. The light from the communication devices is very powerful. We know that multitudes of people are looking at this light right at this very moment. I guess the majority of us do not have much of an option. Our eyes, ears and minds have been captured and locked down in safe space heaven. Maybe the tech will progress somehow in a way that we will be able to inflict physical pain on others. Like an electric slap across the face through cyberspace.

The other animals aren't lulled by this light too much. Minus moths. We damn are. We enjoy pixel candy on a daily basis. Our minds relish the tech like an addicted sex fetishist lusts after the flesh. It's consciously too. It's like this kind of communication is some kind of fantasy that should magically transform into a reality right in the heart and core of my safe space at home.

I can love you through cyberspace, but I can't be with you. I think the other beasts have it better. They communicate side by side with each other each and every time they talk. I mean we probably think it would be foolish if a sparrow talked on a cellphone with another sparrow who was a thousand miles away. I'm thinking we are a little more foolish than we think we are. The tech is the wall that keeps us abstracted from each other where we are. Our animal brothers and sisters aren't so absent-minded.

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