I have no idea how you were able to tolerate those nonsensical language-distortions and the goofy-assed "questions" that aren't questions that such distortion enables.

HR bot with the petulant 5-year-old body language bottom-right cheered on by the melted smug scarecrow muppet top-right perma nodding to sermons no one believes in.

The tedious unearned brow-beating in that insanely racist struggle session is beyond me.

Every single one of those people was attacking you in the worst faith imaginable.

The host being some corny-assed morning drive time DJ who's actively fucking up the dialogue and demonstrating rooting interests is the cherry on top.

Circular illogic layered on circular illogic.

Bloviating arrogance and dead eyes.

How is it that the most obviously inept, incurious people in the world speak with such certainty?

Profoundly unserious.

"appropriate information"

"why folks need to stop reading this book"

"you already agreed that you have not been properly educated"

"I'm not here to exchange ideas"

"the reason I'm not gonna do any more educating on myself"

These are idiot solipsist control fetishists.

Pseudo-religious fascists.

Don't give them an inch.

The fact that young minds are exposed to these bloodsucking freaks is horrifying.

Say "that's problematic" like it holds water one more time.

Jesus Christ.

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As my daughter might say, "unserious" discourse. Kudos, Black Sheep.

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Thank you for articulating something that I have been finding deeply distributing.

I'm very excited for a new way of educating. At the moment I would only consider homeschooling if I have children. But I'm very open to new considerations.

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Nov 15, 2023Liked by Salomé Sibonex

The world needs more Black Sheep like you. I can't wait to see what you do next, Will!

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